What Others Say About Michael

I am writing this review specifically for those looking for the BEST personal trainer around. I am a 32 yr old woman who played sports in high school but never really worked out in a gym a day in my life. I decided one day that I wanted to be in shape..I wanted muscles. I didn’t want to be the “Skinny, fat girl” anymore. If you’re looking for someone to whip your butt into shape with NO excuses, Mike aka “Most Hated Trainer” is your man! Although saying the words “squat” or “pull-up” made me want to cringe, I’d like to think I can do them with the best of ’em now. I’ve been training for a month now, roughly 3 times/weekly and starting to notice considerable difference. My biggest issue were those little love handles that started poking out above my jeans..happy to say they are gone! It’s really true what they say, being in shape is 80% of your diet. I’ve cut out all sugar and salt from my diet and bread no longer exists in my world. It’s been pretty easy to follow my diet simply because I receive multiple texts from Michael asking me what i ate for the day! Not to mention my nutrition folder I must carry with me to each training session. 1st class service at it’s finest:)
I am getting ready to renew for my 2nd month and I honestly feel like such a new, healthy me. My diet has completely changed and although I miss the bread basket, I don’t miss the extra inches! Summertime here I come!
WARNING: You may find yourself using obscene language you didn’t even know you had in your vocabulary, but the end result makes it all worth it! I hate you Mike!!!! Thank you.

Turtle F.

Michael is a true to form guy. He doesn’t swindle, he doesn’t pressure you, he comes from a truly genuine place in wanting people to become their healthiest selves. His upbeat attitude and his thorough explanations on movements and posture give clarity to what can sometimes be an overwhelming endeavor. His dedication to making you work hard but not up until a breaking point that will make you hurt the next day is part of his ethos. He gradually takes you along the path of physical health, so that in time it becomes natural to push super hard. He is all good vibes. Never reprimanding, but always pushing. That’s the kind of leadership/guidance one could only hope for in working with a personal trainer/coach.

Holly F.

I first went to train with Mike over a year ago. I was very intimidated but Mike made me feel very comfortable and spent one on one time with me. Now I’m killing it and I’m in the best shape ever. I have referred several of my friends to him and they also love it. I highly recommend!

What I also like about Michael is that the day after your workout, he often contacts you to see how your body is feeling. This way he’s able to gauge how your body is responding, and where he should direct you for the next session. This just shows that he cares about seeing you succeed at your goals.
Michael is a true pro at what he does and will not let you fail! Get ready to sweat with one of the best trainers in the city!

Pittse C.

I really can’t say enough good things about working with Michael.  He is like totally focused on what you need, not what he wants for himself or the group or the gym.  And he really brings it each and every workout – the fun, the structure, the motivation – and it works.
One thing to note is that there truly is no insider/outsider dynamic at this gym at all.  Show up, and you’re part of the fun.  Work hard, and someone will fist bump you afterwards as you’re sweating and gasping for air.  Choose not to work hard, and you’ll be playfully ridiculed until you do. I love this stupid gym.  I’m seeing crazy results.  I can’t believe I look forward to going to a hot sweaty gym with a bunch of guys in an industrial park three afternoons a week.  But I am and I do.  This place is a great find.

Yoselin M.

Now I know why Michael is the most hated trainer! Just playing. He’s been a great mentor for me since I started working out. Since my first class Michael has been very motivating and tough! He pushes me to do my best, and calls me out when I’m not giving it my all. I told him from day one that my goal was to gain strength and in less than three months, I can feel and see the results (thank you Michael). His prices are very reasonable and worth every penny. I love/hate Michael and I’m sure once you start working out with him, you will too.

Bryce from Lighthouse

I’ve had a few trainers in lifetime but Mike is the guy that pushes you based on our skill level in a way that will maximize your potential. I’m stronger than I have been in years, and I look forward to every session…I Highly recommend Mike, he’s the best there is!!

Karen F.

Michael…. my goodness, this guy is seriously the absolute best at what he does! you can tell from the first five minutes of training with him that he cares about his clients. He is always early to the sessions, pushes you as hard as your body will let you go, and best of all not only does he promise results, but the results actually show!
i have been working out with Micheal for about a month now, and with a few slight changes to my diet habits and his amazing work outs i have lost about 2 inches on my waist!!!
you will be in pain the next day, that’s probably the only negative thing i can think of, and its not even a bad thing!
i work out 5 days a week, and have never made myself feel as sore as he makes me feel after a workout.
his workouts are short and intense with high reps, Michael is a perfectionist with form and posture which only improves your results, and you don’t badly hurt yourself when lifting weights of doing any type of workout.
most hated trainer? DEFINITELY ! I tell him every time i hate you! but its all with love! hahah he has an amazing personality and the workout goes by really quickly because its really all about having fun!

Susan Lawrence- Interior Design

Now this is Richard Halpern, he didn’t have time to write a testimonial but let me tell you his story. Richard is the by far the best Austin Powers impersonator around period. One day I was hanging around the front desk of the gym I was training at and Richard walked up to me and asked me if I was a trainer. He told me about his little weight problem and we quickly went to work on him. I told and showed him how he needed to start eating 5-6 meals a day, how he needed to improve his cardio expenditure, not necessarily longer sessions but smarter sessions. I taught him about how important it was to build and feed his muscles according to his goals. These pictures speak for themselves! Good Job Richard! And yes you are still BY FAR the best Austin ever!