My clients get results thru hard work, dedication, and proper programming! We dont waste time on crap that doesnt work! I have been a Personal Trainer for over 14 years now! I love what I do and I do it very well! My clients get results thru hard work, dedication, and proper programming.


My name is Michael Lopez (The Most Hated Trainer). I have been a Certified Fitness Coach since September of 1997. I absolutely love what I do and I do it well. CHECK US OUT IN Venutra Blvd magazine:
I don’t want to waste your time, let me tell you what I DO NOT do:
I do not text, surf the internet, or make calls on my phone while you are doing a Deadlift. I do not have conversations with other people in the gym while you are on the floor doing crunches. I do not watch the Lakers on the gym TV while you are performing a squat. I do not waste your time. When we are on the gym floor we are working hard, plain and simple. There is no rest in the gym. If you want a person to just count your reps, talk about your weekend, not pay attention to your training, and/or show up late then hire someone else.
Let me tell you what I do for my clients:
I don’t like wasting time so we focus on what works and what gets the biggest results in the shortest amount of time (safely). We mostly do functional resistance training that teaches your body to move in more realistic and efficent ways. My clients are not only training more efficiently but are being educated on how to perform exercises that make a positive difference in the way they train. We focus on making you stronger, faster, and better.
90% of all my clients have had personal trainers in their past and 100% of them have never trained like this before. All of them start seeing results as little as in two weeks and they love it.
Why am I the most hated trainer?
I cant tell you how many times i get the middle finger thrown my way! but it is always followed up by a “thank you, see you tomorrow”! lol When we train, thats exactly what we do! We train and we train to deliver results. All day long my clients tell me they hate me. Doesnt hurt because what makes it worth it is when they call and tell me they are now the same weight as they were in their twenties or teens. If you want to learn something new, learn how to get stronger, faster, and better then give me an email. I have been a Fitness Coach for many years, I have the experience and the drive to help. I really enjoy what I do. Check out reviews from past and current clients here at Yelp.
Im a Fitness Coach, not a personal trainer. Whats the difference?
A personal trainer is going to hand you a pair of dumbells and tell you to give him 12-15. After you start, he will count for you.
A Fitness Coach is going to explain an exercise to you in detail. He/she will demonstrate it, show you how to perform it, what to look out for, whats its for, and why. He/she will watch closely the whole time and tell you what you are doing right and especially what you are doing wrong and how to correct it. A Fitness Coach is an educator, not a rep counter. I am a Fitness Coach.
Message to Newcomers:
These are new people to the gym who have never lifted weights or have been on any type of exercise program (you know who you are). The men and women that come in, look at an empty machine, scratch their head, and attempt to lift as much as they can the very first time. The people who watch what other people do and try to do the same thing with the same weight. And what happens the next day? YOU CAN’T MOVE! Would you jump into the deep end of the pool if you knew you couldn’t swim? Or course not! I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to hire a professional to show you the ropes, or at least the basics. You are messing around with one of your most prized possessions, your body! You do not want to mess something up because you will if you don’t know what you are doing! Do you know about proper form? Do you know how to get the most range of motion? Do you know about proper intensity? Do you know how and when to stretch? Do you know about proper program design? These things are so important to know.