I absolutely love what I do and I do it well

If you want to learn something new, learn how to get stronger, faster, and better then give me an email. I have been a Fitness Coach for many years, I have the experience and the drive to help. I really enjoy what I do. Check out reviews from past and current clients here at Yelp.

Why am I the Most Hated Trainer?

I can’t tell you how many times I am told, “I hate you, I hate this place, what time tomorrow”.
I don’t want to waste your time, let me tell you what I DO NOT do

I do not text, surf the internet, or make calls on my phone while you are doing a Deadlift
I do not have conversations with other people in the gym while you are on the floor doing crunches.
I do not watch the Lakers on the gym TV while you are performing a squat.
I do not waste your time. When we are on the gym floor we are working hard, plain and simple.

There is no rest in the gym

Let me tell you what I do for my clients:

We focus on what works and what gets the biggest results in the shortest amount of time (safely).
We mostly do functional resistance training that teaches your body to move in more realistic and efficient ways.
We focus on making you stronger, faster, and better.

Hey, I’m Michael!

The Most Hated Trainer. I have been a Certified Fitness Coach since September of 1997.

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“Once you are exercising regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it”

“What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up”

Forget the regular gyms. I got hooked on Mike’s training approach several years ago and it transformed how I thought about fitness. Sure, he calls himself the Most Hated Trainer because he makes you work like a beast but his coaching is fun, he cares about your limits and you WILL look forward to the variety of challenges he gives you.

Phil C.

Mike have really eased me in to a type of training that is new to me. It is unlike any other experience I’ve had.

Samantha L.

Working with trainers and groups we often are a bit ignored, I have found. Not at this gym. Since coming here I have improved exponentially because the coaching is first-rate. The coaches are VERY attentive to proper movement. Mike is number 1

Rudy S.

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